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Consultant: Mark von Dadelszen

Legal Executive: Lesley Hames

Litigation, Societies and Charities Team

The following legal services are primarily provided by our Litigation, Societies and Charities Team:

Societies and Charitable Trusts

  • Formation and amendment of constitutions
  • Incorporation of societies and trusts
  • Registration of charities with the Charities Commission
  • Constitutional problems and disputes
  • Meeting procedure
  • Independent Chairmanship of meetings


  • Advice and representation in all fields including debt recovery, contractual disputes, societies and charities, negligence, defamation, insolvency, liquor licences, leases, nuisance, trespass, companies, partnerships, neighbours, and insurance
  • Advising and representing applicants, submitters and Councils on resource consent applications, subdivisions and development control, plans, enforcement, hearings and appeals, and as Commissioners for hearings
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, mediation, arbitration, negotiation

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NOTE: These notes, prepared by Mark von Dadelszen QSM, provide an overview of the more significant elements of the proposals to replace the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. We recommend that new and existing societies be proactive in anticipating the reforms when adopting or revising constitutions. The most recent advice we have is that a Bill […]

Annual General Meeting of a Society or Charitable Trust under COVID-19 Restrictions

Background – the problem The COVID-19 epidemic resulted in restrictions on travel and public gatherings being imposed at a very awkward time, because most societies and charitable trusts were required by their Constitutions and by Statute to have their annual accounts (where their financial years ended on 31 December 2019 or 31 March 2020) approved […]

Not-for-Profits’ Obligations under their Constitutions and Statutes and COVID-19

The constitutions of most societies and charitable trusts require the holding of an Annual General Meeting within 3 or 4 months of their balance date (to allow time for accounts to be compiled and in many cases audited).  31 March is the balance date for the majority of societies and charitable trusts, with 31 December […]