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The Team

Senior Associate: Martin Wall

Personal Assistant: Elizabeth Scott

Family Law Team

The following services are primarily provided by our Family Law Team:

Family Agreements

  • Property relationship agreements
  • Pre-nuptial and de facto property agreements

Family Litigation

  • Mediation
  • Separation
  • Children’s parenting and contact
  • Maintenance arrangements
  • Adoption and guardianship
  • Representation of children and young persons
  • Domestic violence and harassment – applications to the Family Court, setting aside orders
  • Child abduction (domestic and international – Hague Convention)
  • Protection of personal care and property
  • Relationship property

Estate Litigation

  • Testamentary promises and claims
  • Family Protection Act (property) claims

Latest News

Protection of Personal and Property Rights

What happens if you have failed to put Enduring Powers of Attorney in place and you lose capacity? You are incapable of making decisions about your personal welfare and property, so who does it for you, and what legal right do they have to make those decisions?