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Litigation, Societies & Charities

Our team has extensive experience in Hawke’s Bay and elsewhere, and our expertise includes local government, intellectual property, trade practices and sale of liquor.

Family Law Team

With clients ranging from children in need of care and protection, couples partnering or separating and the elderly who may be suffering from failing physical or mental health, our family team of Martin (Team Leader) and Elizabeth are there to help.

Property, Commercial & Personal Services Team

Providing comprehensive advice to a broad range of clients throughout NZ, we enjoy working with our clients to achieve the best legal outcomes. Don’t like the small print? We love it!

Administration Team

Our friendly first point of contact, the BvonD admin team can direct your enquiry if you are unsure which of the other teams to contact directly.

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Liability of Charitable Trustees

Too many people accept appointment to positions of governance in charities without fully understanding that being a trustee involves serious and onerous duties, and that being a trustee or committee member of a charity may be a complex burden…


Mark von Dadelszen, author of Law of Societies, 3rd Edition, 2013, and Member’s Meetings, 3rd Edition, 2012 Many community organisations reach a point where they ask (or should be asking) this question – does our organisation have a future? Before adopting a negative or defensive attitude to that question it is worth reflecting on some […]

Meeting Procedure

Mention “meeting procedure” and the almost universal reaction is “Boring!!!” A meeting punctuated by points of order about meeting processes and procedural motions can, indeed, be boring.

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